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Fucecchio Photo Festival

October 26th – November 17th 2013
Corsini Park, Fucecchio (Fi)

At its 9th edition, exhibited at La Tinaia and Palazzo Corsini’s premises in Fucecchio (FI), over the years has hosted photographers such as Sandro Becchetti or Storm Thorgerson, as well as emerging talents in photography through the FoFu Photo Challenge, has always allowed to showcase even occasional exhibitions to the of great photographic reportage and authoritative photo of the highest level, so every year I am interested in seeing and following the exhibition.

A section entirely dedicated to photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, a great fashion photographer who worked with brands such as Armani, Versace and Ferré and with figures like Audrey Hepburn and Monica Bellucci; Barbieri’s photos are divided between his work in the field of Fashion and his subsequent passion from the 90’s onwards for travel photography with the beautiful b/w shots of his travels to Madagascar, Tahiti and Seychelles to work focused on nude as a provocation, ending with the Dark Memories project.