The Fondazione
Gian Paolo Barbieri

The Fondazione Gian Paolo Barbieri, constituted in 2016 by the artist himself, is a cultural institution that operates in the visual arts sector and whose aim is the promotion of the artistic figure of the Founder, of his photographic works and of all the material and immaterial properties that testify Barbieri artistic-creative activity. Furthermore the Foundation seeks the promotion of the historical and contemporary photography and of any another form of cultural expression in his different carrying out.

Gian Paolo Barbieri, president of the homonymous Foundation, is one of the most influential photographers of the second half of the Twentieth Century.

With the constitution of his own Foundation, Gian Paolo Barbieri completes an admirable action, revealing his altruism and a sense of duty towards others.

The activity of the Foundation focuses on the archives that preciously preserves all the artistic properties of Gian Paolo Barbieri, through the conservation, guardianship, management, protection, acquisition, registration, cataloguing, authentication and promotion of the photographer’s work for the community and for the diffusion of the photographic culture, in Italy and in the world.

A series of initiatives, such as publications of books, photographic exhibitions, exhibitions, events, lectures and meetings are carried out for a heterogeneous audience including employees, scholars, admirers and lovers of the world of the photography, of the fashion and of the art.

Additionally, activities related to the education of young people in collaboration with university and artistic institutions for site visits, workshops and training activities consistent with social goals.