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Open Archives Award 2018

8th March, 2018
The Mall – Porta Nuova, Milano

Fondazione Gian Paolo Barbieri – Honorable Mention

We are pleased to announce the winners of the first edition of the “Open Archives Award”, promoted by MIA Photo Fair, under the patronage of Rete Fotografia and with the support of the Swiss watchmaking Eberhard & Co. and IO Donna, the Corriere della Sera di RCS Mediagroup, realized in collaboration with AFIP International – Professional Photographers Association (“AFIP International”), National Association of Professional Photographers TAU Visual (“TAU Visual”) and GRIN Association – National Iconographic Editors Group (“GRIN”), members of Rete Fotografia .
The Award is for the archive of a photographer who works or works in Italy, distinguished in all forms of photographic language, partner and / or invited to participate in Associations.

The jury composed by Fabio Castelli (Director of MIA Photo Fair and Director of Network Photography), Renata Ferri (IO Woman – the Corriere della Sera woman), Laura Gasparini (Library of the Panizzi Library of Reggio Emilia) and Lucia Miodini (Centro Studi and Archive of Communication, University of Parma) awarded the first prize to the Carla Cerati Archive.

The prize consists of a cash contribution from Eberhard & Co., to support the costs related to the interventions necessary for inventory, cataloging, high resolution digitalisation, conservation and protection of the winning archive.

Honorable mentions will be authorized to donate a Perfection V850 PRO scanner thanks to Epson’s invaluable contribution.

The jury of the award has agreed to report with the first honor mention the archive Gian Paolo Barbieri, one of the most influential fashion photographers of the second half of the twentieth century, who gave life in 2016 to the Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation. The Foundation collects the artistic heritage of the artist and its main purpose is the conservation, protection, archiving, cataloging and promotion of the archive, with the ultimate goal of making the inestimable patrimony of barbers. The author’s work, begun in 1959 with the opening of his first photographic studio in Milan, is an expression of the fruitful relationship between photography, art and fashion. The images collected at the Foundation testify to 60 years of work, with shots of the great campaigns with the most famous fashion brands and iconic characters of the society, anthropological research, eroticism, landscapes, still life and images of life private.