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October 16th, 2010
Fondazione Gian Paolo Barbieri

For the sixth edition of Open Archives, on October 16th, Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation opens its historical archive to the public to show its fabulous artistic heritage that combines testimonies of our culture and our history, from 1960 to the present day.

Anomalies / Transformations. Contemporary narrations and new gazes is the theme chosen by Rete Fotografia for this edition of Open Archives Week. Previous editions have been very successful, showing how the initiative is credible and supported by strong ideas. For this reason it continues to be proposed with a wide participation of archives, institutions and foundations, among the most important in Milan and Lombardy, committed to promoting knowledge of photographic culture.

The choice of the binomial anomalies / transformations characterizes today the profound changes that have radically affected our way of life since the beginning of the pandemic. They brought out the importance and the value of cultural reflection and the development of ways of resilience and questioning the very reasons for our action in the current social context. They also drastically and quickly changed our gaze and the relationship of image and photography with the world in which we live and with power structures, in particular with communication and information technologies.

The value of photographic archives, the attention to strategies for the knowledge and dissemination of images into the cultural changes, are the center of the reflections of this edition of Open Archives, to help building the tools for new and more open strategies of enhancement and knowledge. Gian Paolo Barbieri Archive will structure the path within its spaces, trying to bring attention to fundamental elements that have marked the history of Gian Paolo Barbieri’s photography, also underlining the narrative transformations of the history of our culture.

October 16th

11:00 am 

Entrance: Via Lattanzio 11 – Milan

Reservations required until seats are available by writing to info@fondazionegpb.it