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Launch Of “Isa Stoppi The Book”

Fondazione Gian Paolo Barbieri, Milan

A unique charm and a personality out of the ordinary: Isa Stoppi, the model of May, and beauty in the zeitgeist but out of time. She and her eyes, the two great dome lakes defined by Richard Avedon and her magnetic beauty as portrayed by Gian Paolo Barbieri, who in her snapping with the snake will consecrate her as a timeless icon.

A brief, blatant career born at the court of Diana Vreeland and continued on the cover of the most exclusive magazines, recounted through the shots of the great names of world photography.

To tell the myth, the story, the talent and the beauty of Isa on November 24th at the headquarters of the Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation will be presented the great photographic volume “Isa Stoppi” created with the care of Adriana Glaviano and edited by Silvana Editoriale. 272 color pages, 220 photographs for a double edition that trace the story of a myth that has marked the history of modeling.