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Arti Educare

June 2017

Arti Educare, whose name wants to evoke the concept of “educating to the arts”, is a very ambitious project because the very act of designing is itself ambitious.

We live in a society full of contradictions. On the one hand, the new media have deprived us of freedom of action by pretending to give us so much freedom of information and choice. In some cases they become our yoke, the filter between us and reality. Smartphones, instead of opening up a world to us, have locked us in a room, isolated, made sadder and sometimes worse.Instead of the real civil battles, the loyal confrontations, the solidarity networks, thedirect human relations is taking over the cowardice of the increasingly numerous “keyboard lions”. We attend, all accomplices, a society that is ever more minus-consumption, where we know the price of everything and the value of nothing. But all is not lost. On the other hand there are still the innocence of youth, the enthusiasm, the passion, the beauty that surrounds us and there are young people, our future, souls in construction, curious and ready to absorb the good of life like sponges . Arti Educare wants to be a small piece of this positive industriousness, an example of bottom-up planning, a project of “lateral” vision on the world of Art (because none of the subjects involved, except the Artists themselves, belongs to that world) and on the relationship it can have with younger people. The dream of Arti Educare is to lead more and more young people out of the gloomy, globalized and “flock” perspective of “living alone on social media” thanks to the power of Art. Bringing the younger ones, especially the so-called ‘digital natives’, to a new material dimension, less virtual, more human, made up of sharing passions, emotions, suggestions and inspiration … all things that good Art can do. Arti Educare starts from the assumption that the world is not that dangerous place in which we all must be afraid of the other, made of exasperated individualisms or, on the contrary, of “pack”.

The world, in particular our beautiful Italy, is a wonderful place, where you can have special meetings: those with Art, with beauty, with genius, with history, with the present and the future. Arti Educare intends to be a new view on Art, a place of real discussion about a possible future, made of inspiration, art, beauty but also of solidarity and trust in others. A testimony of trust and disinterested adherence to a cultural project, given that all the works in the collection have been and will always be freely donated by the Artists with the aim of creating the largest collection of art donated by Italy. Picasso said «The art shakes the dust accumulated in everyday life from the soul». Our goal, declared and manifest, is try to act together, with small steps, so that everyone, primarily the less fortunate young people, those most at risk of cultural poverty, can, thanks to traveling exhibitions, draw that push from contemporary Art inspiring, that energy, that passion, suitable to shake off all the dust of everyday life. An opportunity for them to discover that the universal Art gives us a personal path to learn more about ourselves, the world and others.

Edited by Alessandra Stranges