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The Forbidden Works – Dark Memories

September 10th –November 8th 2013
Photology Art Gallery – Milan

The body landscapes and of senses of the Dark Memories by Gian Paolo Barbieri, in a book and an exhibition of prohibited works.

The adamitic body traversed by a sinuous snake like the course of life and the paths of the senses, a cold blooded animal that warms the body pointing to the sinful symbology of the pome, protagonists of the amazing shot chosen for the cover of the Dark Memories cover by Gian Paolo Barbieri.

Photographs of carved flesh by Hellenic classicism and the overwhelming exuberance of human nature, the mystic of the senses and the provocation of the body, on a journey between sacred and profane, vibrating and palpitating in the 112 pages of the book published by Skira, introduced by photography professor Maurizio Rebuzzini, with texts by Nikolaos Velissiotis, musical producer, art enthusiast and collector. In his photos there is the prehistoric approach to the human body, the aesthetic will of classical Hellenic beauty, the Renaissance rediscover of freedom. All this told with a superb “studio” technique.

A collection of shots that exhilarate landscapes of bodies and senses, with intimate messages that explore what we tend to hide, without resorting to malice and perversion, showing the gentleness of glances on intense movements, muscles wrapped by tentacles, dripping chests, tongues touching one another brushing not always veiled intimacy, couples quenching thirst of a glance with sensuality.

Shots created from 2000 to this day, from this well-liked self-taught photographer, with a theatrical training and a passion for cinema emerging from the essential scenography, the powerful black and whites and the innovative framing for years provided to fashion and travel reportages, which have already been in show at Sotheby’s in Milan, but in September they will be at the Photology Art Gallery, in Via della Moscova 25 (Internal Courtyard), with the exhibition “Dark Memories – The Forbidden Works” from September 10th to November 8th, 2013. An exhibition X-rated children under 18 years of age, for reasons that will be clear to you by peeking here a few images that will be on show.