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Photographs – Gian Paolo Barbieri

March 3RD –April 4th 2012
Wave Photogallery, Brescia

Over 60 black and white and medium-sized, large-format images rehearsed the stages of Barbieri’s artistic career, from the most famous fashion images to ethnic and artistic images about the still-life.

From the first shots, in which Barbieri portrays those who will become his favorite subjects – high society figures and fashion world – to the images of recent years belonging to celebrated campaigns such as Tahiti Tattoos, Madagascar, Equator.

Audrey Hepburn, Monica Bellucci, Sofia Loren, Veruschka, Iman, and Jerry Hall: With his camera Gian Paolo Barbieri photographed the greatest style icons of all time. His images have interpreted and dictated the taste and style of society and today they are recognized to such an extent as to become the emblem and synthesis of the history of fashion and costume.