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Gian Paolo Barbieri at Nicola Erni Collection

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Steinhausen - Switzerland
Gian Paolo Barbieri and 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery are honored to share some installation views of Gian Paolo Barbieri’s artworks ranging from the 1960s to 2000s, currently on display at the mesmerizing Nicola Erni Collection in Steinhausen (Switzerland), one of the largest Fashion photography collections worldwide.

Nicola Erni has followed her passion and acquired photography and contemporary art that speaks to her heart. She has built one of the largest photography collections in private hands, with works dating from the 1930s to today, the core being outstanding fashion photography.

The collection showcases a history of fashion photography as a medium but also reflects Erni’s personal style. Portraits, landscapes, and still lifes add to the importance of this fascinating collection.