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Gian Paolo Barbieri – The Style Of Beauty

20 September - 15 November 2007
Palazzo Reale, Milan

Organized by 24 ORE Motta Cultura in collaboration with Palazzo Reale and the Municipality of Milan – Department of Culture, with the support of Barclays Bank, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Simonetta Ravizza by Annabella and Alcatel-Lucent, the exhibition houses the images of one of the finest fashion photographers of all time, Gian Paolo Barbieri.

140 color and black and white photographs that repeat the stages of Barbieri’s artistic career: notable but unexpected, original and exquisitely pictorial images characterize this fascinating exhibition path, which represents a true anthology of the artist.

From the first shots, in which Barbieri portrays those who will later become his favorite subjects – high society and fashion people – to the images of the latest years and belonging to celebrated campaigns such as Tahiti Tattoos, Madagascar, Equator.

Monica Bellucci, Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Loren, Veruschka, Iman, Jerry Hall: Barbieri immortalizes with his camera the greatest style icons of all time. His images have interpreted and dictated the taste and style of society and are still recognized to become the emblem and synthesis of the history of fashion and costume.

For Barbieri, the image is a sensation, a seduction, a cue for imagination and a lure for desire. He looks at the world as a talented creator of sophisticated and artificial compositions, a constant challenge to photography resources.

A challenge that, along Barbieri’s artistic path, constantly renews, especially in long journeys. Which lead him to look at the enchanting world of nature in all its forms.

In the Pacific Ocean Barbieri inaugurates his overseas activities, with the eye of those who come for the first time in unknown territories, seeks and finds in nature and in its many creatures beauty as well as authenticity.

Accompanied the exhibition the book “Gian Paolo Barbieri”, curated by Martina Corgnati, edited by Federico Motta Editore.