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The Face Of Cinema

July 17th – August 17th 2017
Terrazza Mare, Lignano Sabbiadoro

Over the years, CRAF has collected a large selection of cinematic photographs from those made by Michelangelo Antonioni for Blow Up, Alexander Grinberg’s photographs, and then Orville Snider, Horst von Harbou, Roman Freulich, Gaston Longet, Arturo Ghergo, portraits of Evaristo Fusar and Interpix Agency of Milan, Erich Lessing, Cornel Lucas, Mario De Biasi, Inge Morath, John Phillips, Giovanni Battista Poletto, Elio Ciol, Antonio Galvez, Mary Ellen Mark, Antonio Galvez William Klein, Franco Fontana, Uwe Ommer, Evaristo Fusar, Lorenzo Cappellini, Pino Guidolotti, Giuliano Borghesan, Silvana Spera, Giampaolo Barbieri, Emilio Tini.

The City of Lignano Sabbiadoro will present the exhibition in summer 2017, also in collaboration with Cinemazero, which runs the Lignano Cinema Film Center and the agencies, studios and institutions that have obtained the images, such as Studio Erich Lessing in Vienna, Studio Gian Paolo Barbieri of Milan, Emilio Tini, Franco Fontana and Evaristo Fusar).

The exhibition, curated by Walter Liva, will be presented by prof. Emanuele Spanu of the University of Trieste.