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Teatro dei Vitellini – Regia di Gian Paolo Barbieri

From May 10 - August 24, 2024
Leica Galerie, Milan

Leica Camera Italia in collaboration with Fondazione Gian Paolo Barbieri presents
Teatro dei Vitellini – Regia di Gian Paolo Barbieri 

Curated by Maurizio Beucci, Emmanuele C. Randazzo and Giulia Manca

All began in the theater and it happens like the first loves: they are never forgotten. Twenty-five previously unpublished images in which Gian Paolo Barbieri rereads the work of William Shakespeare and, beyond Shakespeare, the theater and the world.

Photographs meticulously prepared inside the studio through handcrafted and artistic construction work. Fiction, in Barbieri’s sets, becomes verisimilitude, everything is stage, the image staged.

Every part – actors, costumes, sets, lighting – contributes to the precision of storytelling, the perfection of vision, the great photographer’s passion for drama. An exercise, the Shakespearean reconstruction, which Barbieri has been doing since he was a boy and which has continued to accompany his long career, now comes on display in the spaces of Leica Galerie, inside Leica Store.

A reinterpretation of the protagonists and stories of the English playwright’s greatest works, a refined staging translated into contemporary images, at times provocative, steeped in art history, cinema, fashion and other literature, directed by Gian Paolo Barbieri.


Leica Galerie Milan
Via Giuseppe Mengoni 4, 20121 Milan, Italy

May 10 to August 24, 2024

From Tuesday to Saturday

10 – 2 pm | 3 – 7 pm