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Tahiti Tattoos

From December 2th till 31th of 2019
Palazzo Malvinni Malvezzi, Matera

From December 2th till 31th of 2019, for the year dedicated to Matera, elected the European capital of culture 2019, born a collaboration between Cine Sud Catanzaro and Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation, making the final act of Coscienza Umana, the photographic exhibition created to spread an innovative observation point of view of photography, an invitation to observe thinking. Tahiti Tattoos is a story from and about Polynesia and in particular about Tahiti: land that led the author to enter into deep contact with the local population, to discover the roots of the tradition of ancestral tattooing. Gian Paolo Barbieri through his still images manages to emphasize the power of body language and the sculpted stories that it wears.

Today, thirty years later, these images are presented to the public intact in their intention and realization, with an unchanged conscious expressive force.