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Nizhny Novgorod

Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation celebrates the end of Fashion and Fiction exhibition at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Nizhny Novgorod.
It has the pleasure to express the great satisfaction for the exceptional success of the exhibition, placing particular emphasis on the huge number of visitors, on the great interest and admiration for the exhibited works demonstrated by the Russian public.
During the opening the host museum reached the record number of entries and not only, the exhibition obtained the record of visits, 55 887.
Furthermore, for the Volga region tour, born from the collaboration of the Iron and Steel Multinational Danieli and the Italian Embassy, ​​the exhibition was chosen as one of the stops. Emmanuele Randazzo, Director of Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation, was invited to go with the Italian Ambassador through a tour to discover the creative life of Gian Paolo Barbieri.

Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation takes this opportunity to thank the MAMM of Moscow, the National Center for Contemporary Arts and in particular Olga Sviblova, Laura Serani, Praskovia Klimova, Anna Gor, Anna Bolshem, Vladimir Rogozin and Ivan Doro for the beautiful exhibition and related activities organized.