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Fashion and Fiction – Saint Petersburg

September 1st – November 5th 2017
Saint Petersburg, Russia

New stop of the “Fashion and Fiction” traveling exhibition at the ERARTA Museum in St. Petersburg, on display from September 1st to November 5th 2017.

A retrospective of 72 works created in 2015 by the director of MAMM in Moscow, and curated by Laura Serani, where Gian Paolo Barbieri’s artistic career is told on a creative path that illustrates the birth of Fashion until modern times.

ERARTA is the largest global project in Russian contemporary art; its heart is home to the prestigious Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg.
ERARTA’s identity is a totally unique approach that combines art and the viewer with the desire to build a new system of relationship between people and art.
The most important person in Erarta is the viewer and all the activity is designed to increase the number of people who love and understand contemporary art.