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Arti Educare

8 March - 11 May 2019

This year Arti Educare becomes a exhibition hosted in the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Potenza thanks to the Province and the Basilicata Region. It is the first edition of a larger drawing that will see the collection of Arts Educate hosted by other Museums and Institutions that support the project.

The initiative has a local character but a national vocation, with the intention of creating and realizing over time the largest collection of contemporary art based on liberal donations of the artists who will want to join the project sharing their educational aims.  The exhibitions at the host institutions will be accompanied by multimedia and artistic workshops, held by experienced volunteers. The more and more numerous supporters of the initiative, on a national scale, move in the territories, creating networks of trust, attention with respect to the project, collaborations, sponsorship, with the aim of organizing traveling exhibitions, thus promoting meetings between young people and 21st century Italian art.