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Aldo Coppola “Timeless Beauty”

5 Febbraio - 2 Marzo, 2017
La Triennale di Milano, Milano

How long does beauty last?

Beauty is a fleeting moment that a heart, a mind or a great photographer can make eternal. This is exactly what Aldo Coppola tells in this photographic exhibition with more than 250 shots: an emotional journey that narrates about timeless beauty and its evolution through images immortalized by Gian Paolo Barbieri, Oliviero Toscani, Javier Vallhonrat, Fabrizio Ferri, Carlo Orsi, David Bailey and many more.

A journey into the artistic vein of a man, who has become a reference for coiffeur, fashion and international costume.

A journey through the nuances of colorimetry, the metamorphosis of the shapes, the magic of photography.

A journey on sharing the love for your work.

A journey on innovation and avant-garde tangible and transferable.

A journey on tenacity, research and success.

A journey that tells the story of a man but also of many men.

A passion for art and simplicity.

A journey through beauty as a form of genius that does not require explanations.

A journey dedicated to women, to their ability to transform and transform.

A journey that Aldo Coppola presents through pictures, videos, words and stories.

A simple, wonderful and eternal journey … just like a red rose.