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Gian Paolo Barbieri

The man and the beauty

After Biografilm Festival, the documentary Gian Paolo Barbieri, man and beauty won the Audience Award for Best Film.

Furthermore, the documentary participated to the Master of Art festival in Bulgaria, winning two awards: the Award for Best Debut documentary on Art and the Special Award for Best documentary in the PHOTOGRAPHY category.

The documentary also participated in the Moritz Feed Dog Festival in Barcelona.

Additionally, there were three screenings in Italy, in Bologna during Arte Fiera, and in Milan at the Cinema Ariosto and then at the Cinema Arlecchino.

The documentary, produced by MOOVIE in collaboration with the Foundation, directed by Emiliano Scatarzi and written by Federica Masin and Emiliano Scatarzi, goes through the artist’s life.
An intimate view on Barbieri’s world and a window overlooking the world he witnessed: theatre, cinema, art and the fashion world that inspired and blessed him since the very start and were pillars to his compositional creativity and scenography.
Emotions and words of the protagonist breakthrough the filming camera. The archive material is a testimonial of a life lived to photograph: bodies, nature, women… portraying “beauty the way Gian Paolo Barbieri taught us”.